Bit of an update “On Fury Road and Feminism”


I didn’t want to repost the article in question as i don’t think it merits a repost as to be brutally honest about this blog: not a lot of people give a shit about what i have to say on any subject in particular.

But i want to be as transparent as possible about my views, i’ll always change my views when presented with evidence that contradicts them fairly and reasonably and in the year from when “On Fury Road and Feminism” was posted until now i have exposed myself to a lot of diverse opinions on many issues.

so i added an addendum to that article which i feel clears up and reveals my position on the subject matter in accordance to my current views.





I finished DOOM (2016) sometime ago, however i’ve lately been going back to it again, thus racking up nearly 30 hours with the game so far. Sadly it is highly unusual for me to invest so much time into an FPS title in recent years, so that naturally brings up the question of: why?

In examining that question i came to quite a lot of reasons that i didn’t cover in my review of the title, and more interestingly enough it revealed how deep DOOM is despite its seemingly mindless presentation.

So the first place to start in unpacking why DOOM is such a great game we have to look at the most obvious of its traits: the violence.

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I remember my sister regularly watching a television show about a family, it was filled with a terrifying atmosphere, as it felt (even as a child) like some sort of grotesque parody of a functioning family. Unsurprisingly I hated it, every single time she would “steal” the TV and i would be forced to watch the inane further adventures of those horrible grinning teeth behind those dead waxen faces, it was the closest thing to torture i had experienced in my young life.

Indeed, The Brady Bunch left far more of a negative impact then the Addams family could ever have. As the family unit that my sister, mother, and i resembled nothing like that hideous caricature. Luckily my sister also liked the Addams’, and so we got along with at least that.

Interestingly enough John Astin himself made the comment that the Addams family were the best role models on television, and quite frankly i have to agree. Despite their penchant for the strange and the ghoulish ultimately they are quite a happy family.

As for the films, the first film of this series is one of the few that my sister watched more than i did.

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Evan Freeman: Luna



While volunteering at this years Calgary Folk Music Festival i was taken aback from a local artist by the name of Evan Freeman. Specifically i was actually liking the music quite a bit, which is notable as i didn’t expect to like any as it was the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Also i was puzzled as the band during their song “Halo” hit with some rockish guitar chords, that honestly had me questioning whether the band was too heavy to be playing at this festival. Also, he was good. Like memorably good, his songs had hooks, and honestly that’s pretty notable for a local band.

So based on these revelations and despite the highway robbery prices of Cds at CFMF (“Luna” was $25.00!) i decided to support what i found to be a promising local artist.

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In a departure from the usual movie reviews i figured it would be nice to do something different for a change of pace.

Whether it’s a book, or a movie, or in this case an album, it’s always a treat to rediscover something. As i had mentioned earlier in my Big Shiny Tunes 5 write up i lost No. 4 along with a number of other albums that i quite liked (my copy of Songs for the Deaf among them…) when i lost my CD case on a walk home. While i have reacquired most of those lost albums in some way or another the lack of a hard copy of No. 4 has been a thorn in my side for the last 13 or so years…

Well i finally pulled that annoyance to rest recently and went hunting for a CD of Stone Temple Pilot’s forth album. Thankfully i found a decent used copy in the first play i looked, and gave it a spin.

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Star Trek Beyond


Look! Colour!


As i mentioned before expectations are everything, and my expectations given the trailer for Star Trek Beyond were not high. Given the choice of song used for the trailer (i absolutely hate the beastie boys), emphasis on showing off spectacle (instead of unique ideas), and choice on director Justin Lin (who i honestly don’t have anything bad to say).

So i was determined to keep myself in the dark about this, and determined to keep my expectations so low that i could be nothing but impressed by what i saw*. Which in the end i succeeded in as i don’t think Star Trek Beyond is a bad movie, it (much like the previous two) is a fun popcorn flick and lived up to my expectations of such.

But that isn’t to say it doesn’t have its fair share of serious problems that i can’t discuss without spoiling some important plot elements (again SPOILERS you have been warned). So if you need a recommendation at this moment it is thus:

Good summer time movie, go watch you likely will not be disappointed unless you want the series to follow up on its promise of going “Where no one has gone before”.

So with that being said:

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another cool one from mondo posters


Between the unmitigated piece of shit that is Batman v Superman and the merely bad Batman: The Killing Joke it seems 2016 hasn’t been a good year for Batman (though i have no idea what’s going on in the comic book world). So i attempted to rekindle my Batromance by watching one of my favorite Batmovies.

As a side note it is an absolute travesty that Mask of the Phantasm isn’t as well known as even Tim Burton’s Batmovies, and i hope in the coming years more and more people will watch this movie and give it the credit it deserves.

So i’ll do my part with it here:

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