why are these new posters so garish? at least this one is better than the last one.


Apart from some exceptions, i have endeavored to keep this blog and its writings as apolitical as possible. A lot of that has to do with how polarized the sociopolitical atmosphere has become as of late, with the various voices opposing each other becoming more shrill, vindictive, and is now starting to erupt in disturbing levels of political violence.

But in dealing with this newest Star Wars film discussion of its politics becomes unavoidable, and that’s because progressivism is so thoroughly a part of The Last Jedi from its casting choices to it’s fundamental morals that any sort of serious discussion of the film has to deal with them.

Looking at the film through a progressive lens makes everything clearer; the future belongs to the young and the bold, and the old is not only irrelevant but forgotten and dismissed. So be it, that’s the moral of this story; like it or leave it, it is what it is. If Rian Johnson and the producers at Disney feel they can make a trilogy that’s the equal of the last 6 movies, then i’ll happily wait and see. However at the moment they’re not delivering despite their risk taking, but the end will reveal whether or not the story their telling is worth the wait.

So now let’s talk about the movie proper.

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not the final cut poster, but this is better


With the release of my most anticipated movie of the fall season (in fact it’s the last one i really care to see other than The Last Jedi for the year), i figured it would be best to get a review up of the classic Blade Runner before i went to see 2049.

To dispense with the pretense of objectivity in this review (which i rarely care for anyway) in prefacing this entry i have to say simply: that i love this film. In fact i regularly cite it as the movie that got me through the summer of 2005. I don’t know exactly how many times i have watched the film, but there was definitely a week in that summer where i watched it every day.

But much like i have with other movies that i easily consider my favorite, i haven’t watched it in some years. In fact it must be almost 10 since i have, as i don’t recall watching the Final Cut of the film more than once or twice since it came out in 2007. But even with the weight of so many viewings, i was surprised at how fresh the film felt; how evocative its imagery and themes were to me now as they were ten years or twelve years ago.

Lastly i have to give a word of direction for people who may not know where to start with the series, given the existence of 4 separate cuts of the film. Just get the final, it’s a spit shine and polish of the superior Director’s Cut.

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the heart is flushed down a toilet, it means exactly what it sounds like


The best preface that i have for mother! is that likely anyone reading this review has probably seen it, and would like to know 2 things:

  1.  what was it that they saw
  2. curious about other people’s reactions/interpretations

These two points come along with the fact that (due to the film’s nature) it is impossible to discuss the film in any depth without resorting to major spoilers. As it is my recommendation is to just see the film for yourself and make up your mind.

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Summer Wrap Up 2017



One of the reasons for the slow releases here on TYTL was the fact that i had seen a lot of films that i wanted to write reviews on, and subsequently i didn’t. This happened last year as well, and films that were deserving of a full write up didn’t get one (“Arrival” is the biggest regret) while they were still in theatres.

In an effort to remedy this situation, i’m going to do a compromise of bite sized reviews for the projects that i saw that didn’t (and won’t for some time) get their Good, Bad, and Ugly sides aired out.

So after that preamble lets get to the reviews.

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War for the Planet of the Apes



The only thing that i can say to preface this film is that it i’m frustrated in not being able to find the film’s score on CD anywhere in my area. It’s bullshit, as this film has delightful music.

In fact i don’t recall seeing any of the preceding film’s scores in the usual places i look, in the end i’ll probably have to resort to using amazon if i want to get my hands on it. Which is so much less fun than going out and finding it on a shelf, but i guess that’s just the way things are moving.

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IT (2017)



Summer has (almost) come and gone, and with it one of the most disappointing box office seasons in a decade. Though the executives may lament the low ticket sales, i sure got into the theaters more than i have in years this summer (except in August, absolutely nothing came out in August that i, and many others wanted to see).

Well, it’s up to late summer and fall then to make up for it with some interesting releases. First up is IT; and it certainly is doing just that. Already it’s 2nd highest in R rated movie grosses of all time, and when my sister and i came out of the theater people were lined up outside like they were for The Force Awakens or The Dark Knight.

I hope this film’s, Deadpool‘s, and Logan‘s successes will help usher in a reevaluation in the industry, that will hopefully lead to the diminishment of PG13 hand holding (though here in Canada the film is rated 14a).

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Nosferatu (1922)



It’s always tricky reviewing really old movies, like Le Voyage Dans la Lun, or The Great Train Robbery, or later stuff like The General and in this case Nosferatu. As they are at this point over or almost a hundred years old, and are rather dated nowadays.

But does that stop them from being good?

Especially considering films like Nosferatu, and Le Voyage Dans la Lun laid the very foundations that The Godfather and The Phantom Menace would later stand on. I think Nosferatu is better constructed than say Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but it isn’t as easily watchable, hence the conundrum.

But let’s get onto it and see.

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