To Venom or not to Venom


Fandom (the site that is) is quickly becoming a go to for inspiration when i feel like writing but lack the motivation to do something on my own.

Case in point we have:


Hey, Hollywood, Leave Our Comic Books Alone!

Go on and read it and come back i can wait.


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I feel a little bad about this, it’s been a while since i wrote a long form for myself. It takes a lot of guts you know, putting something out there for people to read, particularly editorial work; as it leaves you open to have your arguments shredded and world view challenged and shattered.

Case in point! I was reading this article on fandom the other day:


Bad To The Bone: Why Villain Movies Just Don’t Work

And there’s a lot that i don’t agree with Ali Grey on, in fact he actively contradicts himself in his thesis and conclusion. Go on and read it and come back, i’ll break it down as to why his main point it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, then i’ll nit pick his other points until i get bored.


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First Man


I was reading a blog of James Berardinelli’s wherein he lists the average cost of a movie ticket in 2018 being: $8.96

And i had to research that on my own because i didn’t believe it; and sure enough the average cost of a movie ticket is around $9.16. Which led me to another question, where in the hell can i get a movie ticket for under ten bucks?

The total price tag for me and my wife to see First Man was $41.00, and that’s just the tickets!

So with all that accounted for, Last Man had better be worth it right? So is it?

Well, you’re about to find out…


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So apparently this movie has been in development hell since 2007… Which is a rather useless anecdote but one that helped me start this review nonetheless.

What is there really to say? I mean, Venom as a character despite appearing in all his glory in 1988 strikes me as rather 90’s. Maybe because his character design reeks of what a 10-year-old boy with a head full of horror comics would decide what Spider-Man would look like as a bad guy.

Needless to say i thought Venom was the absolute apex of awesome when he appeared in the Spider-Man (1994) animated series, and what was left of that childhood enthusiasm is what got me into the theatres.

But enough of the preamble, you’re wondering if it’s worth your time.


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Movies of 2018


Just as i fell behind last summer, i figured i’d catch up with some reviews of the films i’ve seen in theaters this year. Which at the moment stands at 8, which puts me on track for possibly equaling last year’s number of 15.

I may do a full review of each in the future if i feel the need, but let’s get on with the list:

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5 Endings i Can Comment On


Ho Ho! It has been a dreadfully long time since i posted anything here on the ol TYTL. For anyone who cares to know, my living situation changed a bit in the last year and i found it hard to write anything, but now that it’s changed again i can get back to posting semi-irregularly.

And what better way to make a comeback then using someone elses ideas to piggy back off of? Behold:

7 Disappointing Movie Endings and How They Should’ve Finished


I was cruising through Fandom the other day, and came across the above article written by a: Carl Waldron; and i dissented enough for me to want to write down my opinions. I’ve taken the liberty to just copy and paste his observations that i wish to retort to here, all credit of course goes to him of course.

And i also don’t want this to be in bad faith, in fact i have to thank him for giving me some motivation to get on here and start writing again; so thank you Carl (and i’m quite sincere in saying that, wish you the best).

And here we go!

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why are these new posters so garish? at least this one is better than the last one.


Apart from some exceptions, i have endeavored to keep this blog and its writings as apolitical as possible. A lot of that has to do with how polarized the sociopolitical atmosphere has become as of late, with the various voices opposing each other becoming more shrill, vindictive, and is now starting to erupt in disturbing levels of political violence.

But in dealing with this newest Star Wars film discussion of its politics becomes unavoidable, and that’s because progressivism is so thoroughly a part of The Last Jedi from its casting choices to it’s fundamental morals that any sort of serious discussion of the film has to deal with them.

Looking at the film through a progressive lens makes everything clearer; the future belongs to the young and the bold, and the old is not only irrelevant but forgotten and dismissed. So be it, that’s the moral of this story; like it or leave it, it is what it is. If Rian Johnson and the producers at Disney feel they can make a trilogy that’s the equal of the last 6 movies, then i’ll happily wait and see. However at the moment they’re not delivering despite their risk taking, but the end will reveal whether or not the story their telling is worth the wait.

So now let’s talk about the movie proper.

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