Good God, i hate my early writing on here, i looked through my previous introductory page and just about killed myself banging my head on my computer, so here is a more proper intro.

I have unfortunately the rotten luck of being a rather introverted person. I find it hard to express my thoughts and opinions about many things as i find it personally hard to organise my thoughts while in the heat of discussion, and i find most times i struggle to really say what i mean.

I started Ten Years Too Late while working the slow months at a video camera store, after i had finished my stint at film school. I had thoughts of starting one before, but figured why would my opinion matter? As i mostly wanted to talk about stuff that had already been exhaustively covered elsewhere. But egged on by my fellow video sales associate, i caved in and Ten Years Too Late was born. I promptly let it sit unused for years, but i have returned an aged and beaten filmy to keep the fires burning about my first true passion: Film.

It should also be noted that i really don’t aim for objectivity in anything i write, or at least true objectivity. While i’ll try and distance myself from the subject matter at hand as that is (i believe) an essential quality of good criticism, ultimately i find objectivity fairly boring. As when i read or listen to criticism i’m also interested in what makes someone praise and/or tear down what they’re watching, and that goes double for anything that i write myself.

So here it is, fairly and honestly:

what you read here is mostly representative of my personal opinions. Coloured and shaped by my biases and experiences, and i’m endeavouring to share them with you the reader. If you disagree, that is completely fair. But in sharing my thoughts i hope that you might find insight into what you like, as i’m still human and hopefully you the reader can relate to that.

I hope anyone who stumbles upon this dusty corner of the internet can find something they like here,  which unfortunately will be as scatter brained as the contents of my junk drawer, or bedroom floor.

So enjoy your stay, and i sincerely appreciate your visit.



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