Alien: Ranked



Let’s beat this dead horse one final time by taking another dead horse (in this case lists) and beating it to death. I promised myself that i would get Prometheus‘ review out before doing the obligatory ordered list of my faves, i did just that and now i can have some fun.

So this is my ranking for the proper Alien franchise (from last to first):

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My Ten Favorite Video Game Tunes


Yes er ah ii, every thing boils down to lists at some point and while this isn’t my first it’s certainly been a while since i did one (and completed it mind you).

I wouldn’t call this list a definitive collection, it’s not The Best Video Games Cues in the Entire Fucking Universe or anything like that; these are merely my picks for favorites. Even then however, i don’t know if this is even my definitive list of all time favorite video game tunes, as a list of favorite anythings will likely change over time.

The tunes aren’t ranked as i wanted to be able to complete this post as quick as possible, and i did assign myself the criteria of keeping the songs from games that i have owned and played. So despite the theme from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon being possibly the best song ever written i couldn’t include it into the list.

On a final note the tunes here are rather well-worn, i’m sure most people who like video games have come across many of these so i don’t think anyone will be surprised by what they find here (other than the fact that Mario’s Main Theme isn’t present.)

So let’s get to the list!

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