Logan Noir



I picked up Logan on bluray recently and i highly suggest to anyone reading this that they do the same, or at least watch it now if they missed it in the theatres.

That bit of news alone wouldn’t prompt any post on here, and i’m not going to make it a habit of reviewing home releases; but a curious addition accompanied the bluray in the form of Logan Noir. A black and white version of the film, where they (as the name would suggest) remove the colour from the film for a different version of the same film.

So i figured i would take the opportunity to look at the film in a different light, and address some things that i hadn’t in my original review.

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Alien Covenant



I figured i should get this out while Alien Covenant is still playing in theatres, considering its rather troubling tumble in the box office it might not be around for very much longer and i think that’s a shame.

There are spoilers within this review, so in short my recommendations are:

Go see the movie, i’ve seen the movie twice and it holds up, and i think it’s better than Aliens.

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)



Yet another film on the many others that i wanted to watch in 2017.

I was a bit young in 92 when the original released, and as a result i’m not sure if i saw it in theaters though i definitely saw it afterward.

The only other anecdote that i can add to this latest remake craze was the couple sitting beside us had brought their young (5 ish if i were to guess) daughter to the movie, and i thought it nice that the mother was able to bring her daughter to Beauty and the Beast like her mother possibly did when she was her daughter’s age.

So remakes aren’t all that bad guys, lighten up.

Though in fairness the Ariana Grande/John Legend version of Tale as Old as Time is apparently ruining yet another set of childhoods.

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I finished DOOM (2016) sometime ago, however i’ve lately been going back to it again, thus racking up nearly 30 hours with the game so far. Sadly it is highly unusual for me to invest so much time into an FPS title in recent years, so that naturally brings up the question of: why?

In examining that question i came to quite a lot of reasons that i didn’t cover in my review of the title, and more interestingly enough it revealed how deep DOOM is despite its seemingly mindless presentation.

So the first place to start in unpacking why DOOM is such a great game we have to look at the most obvious of its traits: the violence.

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another cool one from mondo posters


Between the unmitigated piece of shit that is Batman v Superman and the merely bad Batman: The Killing Joke it seems 2016 hasn’t been a good year for Batman (though i have no idea what’s going on in the comic book world). So i attempted to rekindle my Batromance by watching one of my favorite Batmovies.

As a side note it is an absolute travesty that Mask of the Phantasm isn’t as well known as even Tim Burton’s Batmovies, and i hope in the coming years more and more people will watch this movie and give it the credit it deserves.

So i’ll do my part with it here:

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Because i’m a man-child and can’t let things go, i took to wondering if i could make Big Shiny Tunes 6 a more listenable experience on par with BST 5. So i invested some time in mixing up the sequencing and even replacing some songs. I decided to give myself some ground rules however:

  • It had to have singles released in 2001 (preferably before BST 6 released on 11/13/01)
  • I couldn’t delete more than half the songs otherwise it would not be BST 6 (work with what i had)
  • Any Songs i did delete would have to come from the same artist
  • It had to have no less than 17 tracks as that was the minimum for previous releases

The results are quite interesting actually, here is what i came up with (* denotes a replacement):

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