Alien: Ranked



Let’s beat this dead horse one final time by taking another dead horse (in this case lists) and beating it to death. I promised myself that i would get Prometheus‘ review out before doing the obligatory ordered list of my faves, i did just that and now i can have some fun.

So this is my ranking for the proper Alien franchise (from last to first):

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5 stars


It honestly feels like yesterday that i was here handing out my obscure awards, i guess time flies when you’re having fun.

All in all 2016 was a topsy-turvy year that’s been covered and complained about extensively elsewhere, i certainly posted more this year, with 46 this year (though i didn’t post anything all November, shame shame). Which is higher than my 41 of 2015, so i delivered on my promise to bring more updates.

As for movies i saw a grand total of 10:



which is 2 more than i saw the year before, which is a good thing as i honestly was startled last year by how little i bothered to see in the theaters. I do apologise for not reviewing all of them, as Arrival certainly deserves a full write-up. Perhaps in the future.

But enough of the musing, let’s get to the awards!

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I remember when the Prince of Persia movie came out in 2010, and what struck me as really strange was that it was heralded as the first “good” video game to movie adaptation. It was strange to me as everyone seemingly forgot that Mortal Kombat came out 15 years previous and is my pick for that title.

I’ll get to specifics in a bit, however when looking at the wikipedia entry List of Films Based on Video Games, i was a bit surprised to realise that Super Mario Bros. was the first of its kind; and what a horrendously bad first step that was to make. It was an adaptation of a seminal business and cultural event that it manages to look like it was made by clueless howler monkeys. According to the Metacritic ratings*, the entire genre peaked in ’95 with the release of the aforementioned Mortal Kombat and has been struggling since.

While this article doesn’t really say too much interesting on the issue, it does pose an interesting question: “Can video game based movies not be shit?”

Well, my answer is one that Moviebob brought up and that is you can make a good movie about anything all it takes is the right people behind the wheel, and it having the luck of being released at the right time. Like Mortal Kombat for instance!

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