Looking Forward to 2017

for a lack of anything else cool to put up here

for a lack of anything else cool to put up here


After the awards there’s the looking forward, so lets look at imdb’s list of most popular releases for 2017, and see if it can stir something in my loins.

Looking at the short list i do have to say that 2017 seems to be filled with far more enticing prospects than 2016, i’ll cover the top ten fully and then pick out highlights further down, but lets get straight to it.



Alien: Covenant

I haven’t really kept up on the news surrounding this entry (this looks like an amalgamation of Alien 5 and Prometheus‘ sequel), so when its trailer debuted i was pleasantly surprised by it.

The trailer is really vague on plot details however on visuals it is certainly very interesting. Though it must be said that Ridely Scott’s body of work has been uneven lately, and while i like Prometheus i’m still going to be cautiously optimistic about A:C.

Verdict: Sign Me Up.


Star Wars: Episode VIII

I’m kind of surprised that VIII isn’t beating A:C in terms of a higher rating on imdb’s list, though perhaps that might be because Star Wars fan’s ravenous enthusiasm is slaked by Rogue One or even that a bit of fatigue is setting in. The box office receipts will answer that (this movie will still likely gross a billion though, lets be honest).

As for myself, of course i’m going to see it. Though i’m certainly not counting down the days, and i’m certainly not getting scalped for tickets on opening night, i can and will wait for a time that’s convenient.

Verdict: Going Eventually.


Justice League

It’s not enough that this is a sequel to one of the most dreadful movies i’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through, it also has a trailer that’s scored to The White Stripes’ god awful late stage abortion of a song Icky Thump.

I can’t imagine a more suitable warning for me to stay as far away as possible from this (likely) headache of a movie. That also goes for Wonder Woman, a movie they should have released before Batman v Superman but couldn’t trust to do well on its own.

Verdict: No. Fuck No.


Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s latest live action remake of a animated classic (and one in a long line of planned ones), certainly has a lot to live up to. as the original was nominated for the Oscar’s Best Picture and was the first animated movie to take home the top honour at the Golden Globes.

The trailer looks like it will at least live up to the original in providing splendid visuals, and if the movie itself is as good as 2015’s Cinderella (and there’s no reason to doubt that it would be) then it’ll certainly be worth watching.

Verdict: Going.




While i haven’t read the book, the mini-series starring Tim Curry gave me a fear of storm drains that was difficult to shake off. I wonder if this entry will be as memorable, though doubt it personally; as the mini-series had the benefit of a longer running time than this late summer horror movie can afford.

There’s nobody attached to this project that i find interesting, and Pennywise’s design is as lazy a take on a creepy clown that i can think of.

Verdict: Maybe, but likely No.


Blade Runner 2049

Anything based on Blade Runner is going to grab my attention, and it will immediately be regarded with the highest levels of scrutiny and judgment. So while i’m certainly wary of high expectations, i’ll be honest and say this movie has a lot going for it.

Denis Villeneuve is directing, Roger Deakins is behind the camera, Hampton Fancher is on the script, and Jóhann Jóhannsson (who provided the interesting and evocative score to Arrival) is supplying the music. With all of these guys working together they should make up for a fairly lack luster cast, and hopefully turn in (at the very least) a decent sequel.

Verdict: Definitely Definitely.



I’m a big fan of Hugh Jackman, he’s talented and likable and that’s all that a movie star really needs be for me to want to watch their movies. So i’m quite glad that Logan is looking to be a decent farewell to his interpretation of the always bad ass Wolverine.

Though i must admit that i’m starting to get a bit tired of the character at this point, as all of his most notable stories deal in self hate; and while that can make for good drama if it comes at the expense of previous narratives and their arcs, then the stories can get tiresome quite quickly. At least this is (reportedly) Jackman’s last hurrah so i will give it a lot of leeway.

Verdict: Future Me is Already in the Movie Theater.



There’s a part of me that’s definitely on board (that shameless manchild that still wants to sleep in a race car) but this trailer isn’t doing it for me. I can’t put a finger on it either, i mean there’s a way for sure to get me in a theater to see this movie; if they put millions of dollars into something like this:


Then i would be more than happy to say take my money. But none of the sort is communicated in the trailer. I’m just not excited, in fact i was kinda embarrassed watching the trailer and that isn’t a good sign.

Verdict: I’ll Wait for the Reviews


Fast & Furious 8 (The Fate of the Furious)

I haven’t watched a single Fast and Furious movie. Frankly i’m quite content in never doing so either, despite the fact that i like cars and explosions; and i would appear that F8 has a lot of both.

I boils down to the fact that the 3 minute trailer above has either references to, or explict uses of the word “family” no less than 5 times. I get it, that’s the joke. But after 16 years and 8 films, it’s an inside joke that i’m just not interested in getting to know.

Verdict: Fantano’s breakdown on an inside joke is my answer.




Spider-Man: Homecoming

I love Spider-Man, and i would’ve been at least interested in this if it weren’t for the fact that the version of the character present in Civil War was one of the most irritating things about the movie. The trailer also just doesn’t show me anything exciting, and that has a lot to do with superhero saturation and overload. It’s just not the same event it was to see Spider-Man on the big screen like it was back in 2002 and ’04.

And i’m just not prepared to sit through 2 hours of Tom Holland remarking with youthful enthusiasm (more suitable for an 8 year old than a 17 year old), every time a metal arm is on screen.

And this version of the spidey suit is extremely lame.



It’s nice to see Nolan take a break from fantasy and sci-fi fare for a bit, and an astonishing a story like the Miracle at Dunkirk has certainly been deserving of a high budget release. Throw in Tom Hardy and you definitely have my interest piqued.

And Hans Zimmer is doing the music…



Considering the creative team of the great Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is in place for this sequel, i have high hopes that War will be as good a follow up and conclusion as one could expect for Caesar’s story.

Plus the trailer is pretty awesome, so that helps a lot too.



In an effort to keep this manageable, i’m going to pull the plug on this here. But honestly 2017 looks like a year that’s going to get me into theaters far more often than 2016 did.


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