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bout sums it up

bout sums it up

It’s always interesting to see what other people’s opinions are, and in particularly contrarian opinions.

While clicking around i found a youtube channel by the name of Caddicarus, and decided to see what he thought were unpopular opinions of his in regards to gaming. While his ADD editing style and unfunny skits wore on me almost immediately he for the most part gave a good account on his personal tastes and preferences. The video in question follows:

Lets go through them and see if i agree or disagree.


Dead Space is the only great one

i have zero things to say about this as i haven’t played any of the Dead Space, and i have zero intention to ever do so. However i’m well aware that the community by and large considers Dead Space 2 to be a worthy follow up and i can see how this opinion might ruffle some feathers.

He makes a good argument as well, letting me fully understand where he’s coming from.

Verdict: No. This aint unpopular with me


Heavy Rain is Awesome

Again another game i haven’t played, and have no interest in doing so. Though i remember being impressed with the games graphical fidelity, and intrigued that the developer was going for a dark murder mystery (instead of a usual video game plot).

Again he gives a valid argument that the game is more of a point and click adventure game, which certainly makes its quick time event heavy gameplay much more digestible. As when i first saw the trailers i thought it would have typical Action Adventure or RPG gameplay.

Verdict: No. This aint unpopular with me.


I Don’t Like Street Fighter (any of them)

Now here we go, this is something i can chime in on…

His rationale is that he just doesn’t like the mechanics of Street Fighter, citing in Tekken:

“every move needed to be planned, every opponents animation frames needed memorizing, every combo and button limb move needs figuring out…”

I love Tekken 3 by the way, and yes i’ll agree that button mashing won’t be as effective as it is in Street Fighter. I’ll admit to being confounded by button mashers, but every single thing he says about Tekken is true about Street Fighter, in higher competitive play button mashing will not pull you through. As competitive players have mastered and grasped the importance of maintaining optimal space between you and who you’re fighting. In fact animation memorizing is the reason combos happened in the first place in Street Fighter, as they came about as an animation glitch.

Tekken‘s dial a combo system while absolutely requiring skill and timing to pull off, means that character’s combos are set. This lends an enormous amount of predictability between character match ups. Contrast this to the combos in Street Fighter 2, which were found by player improvisation and experimentation. This is precisely why button mashing is so effective in the latter, and why players with no real skills can do so well against practiced players.

Verdict: Yes. Tekken and Street Fighter are wildly different from one another, so liking one over the other is fair game. However to say one is superior to the other (in his case Tekken > Street Fighter) while citing the need for similar skill sets is to be ignorant of the mechanics of the other.


I Don’t Get the Hype for Ocarina of Time

The biggest outrage that people would have in holding this opinion would likely come from a misunderstanding that “not getting the hype” equals to Ocarina of Time being a bad game.

He immediately goes into damage control though to stop that from happening (in his obnoxious ADD way).

As for his reasons, he states that he first played OoT in 2013 and honestly i have no idea about his age (he was born in 94) but i’m going to assume that he was too young to have appreciated the Zelda franchise circa 1998. It’s the exact same obstacle that younger players face when booting up FFVII and wondering what the hell the big deal is.

Well to explain, in 1998 the console industry had and was continuing to undergo a radical change and departure from the norm, as two years previously Mario 64 almost single handedly graduated the predominate genre of video gaming at the time (the 2D platformer) to full 3D, thus driving a nail in the coffin of Sega’s plans of a successful 2.5D console in the form of the Sega Saturn. The future was indeed now in 1996, either sega get on with it or be left behind (which is precisely what they did to the Saturn).

OoT was one of those tent pole video games that translated into 3D just as well, and although games like Elder Scrolls: Red Guard and Might and Magic VI were providing immersive 3D worlds, most of us didn’t have the hardware to play them. It also came at the right time, i was 11 years old and much of the current ravenous fan base of OoT was also around the same age as i was when OoT dropped. Gaming was growing into adolescence with us, and while we didn’t know it at the time our childhoods would be ending soon. Just like Link’s did in Ocarina of Time.

It’s this nostalgia that creates the insufferable hype around Ocarina of Time and has placed it on some untouchable pedestal where it not only is it the greatest game ever made, but also an important part of our collective childhoods.

Verdict: No. Personally while i “get” the fandom around Ocarina of Time i’m not a part of it. I only played bits and you’re free to say it is a dated piece of dog shit if you so please. However if you don’t “get” the hype, then it’s likely due to either you were born too early (or too late), not caring about it to begin with, or liking some other Zelda game that has been buried under OoT’s monolithic reputation more.


Mobile Gaming is Fucking Fun

I’ll admit to turning up my nose to “Casual” gaming back when the iPhone and the Wii were exploding the popularity of the industry circa 2007. But honestly i loved Angry Birds, and Caddicarus provides a list of some really entertaining looking games available on mobile.

And to answer his question i personally read the news while i’m taking a shit, and i do it until my ass goes numb as well.

Verdict: No. Mobile games have their place, and at this point are well entrenched into the industry with their fair share of good titles.


I Do Not Like Sonic the Hedgehog


Look, i know that Sonic’s fanbase is both ravenous and at times deluded; exemplified by thinking that a middling, dated, and frustrating game like Sonic Adventure 2 is the greatest of the bunch. A lot of that is due to nostalgia, the tribal mentalities so prevalent in gaming as a whole, and honestly a bit of battered wife and/or Stockholm syndrome. Where the most ardent and loyal of fans have faced (at this point) decades of miserable disappointment, and despite it still cling onto hope that the grand Sonic of old that will return to unsullied glory (i’m one of them btw).

But caddicarus here mentions that he only likes 11 of the 80 or so games Sonic has starred in. Well i myself only like 6 Sonic games: Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, Sonic Generations and Sonic Rush.

So ironically honestly he’s a bigger fan of Sonic than i am. And who honestly likes every single Sonic game out there? I wouldn’t want to meet them personally as this is the only appropriate response to such insanity:

To be fair his biggest gripe is the character of Sonic (and his friends), with his archaic shtick of early 90’s coolness making him a living fossil of when anthropomorphic animals in 2D platformers were the driving forces of the industry (Gex anyone?). Once again his lack of understanding comes from him not being a Sega Genesis only child of the age of 6 (he was born at the tail end of Sonic’s golden age), living in the early 90’s, who was happy when the hegemony or Mario and Nintendo was briefly toppled by the blue blur.

Verdict: No. He’s too young to understand why man-children like me love Sonic (that’s really not his fault), and he’s more than welcome to leave us to him. I certainly don’t need his approval.


PS Vita is Better Than 3DS

Whatever jingles your change, i don’t care as i haven’t played either.

As for him liking the Gamecube more than the PS2, i have to say i love the Gamecube myself. While it isn’t as an important game console comparatively, the Gamecube was a solid little system with a ton of fun games. And i’ve always thought Gamecube games have aged really well.

Verdict: No, and don’t care.


Bioshock Infinite isn’t all that Great

Some copy pasta is needed here:

Verdict: No, and don’t care.


E.T. On Atari isn’t that bad

The game’s notoriety comes from it being the catalyst for crashing the North American gaming industry in 1983. He acknowledges this, but says he still doesn’t understand why the game is considered bad.

His argument hinges mostly on how much effort it took for Howard Scoot Warshaw to make it by himself, and granted it was an incredible feat for the time. But thousands of hours of effort are poured into horrible video games, and effort alone does not change the fact that this game was a horrible watershed moment for the industry.

I haven’t played E.T. myself but if he still doesn’t understand why the game gets a bad rap because of it’s historical significance then he let his expectations run away with him before he played it, and once again he’s too young to realise what a let down it was to the kids who played it at the time.

Verdict: Yes. Defend the gameplay all you want, defend the man who slaved to make it, but the game is deservedly on a cavalcade of lists for the worst games ever made because it was a disaster for the industry (along with Atari’s home port of PacMan).


I Prefer Playing Consoles over PC

It’s wise of him to argue from a place of personal preference here, as he “prefers” playing on his PS4 over his PC for honestly some very valid reasons. If he was going to argue that gaming was somehow definitively better on consoles then honestly he would be deserving of a straight jacket.

Anyone who would get wrung up over his admission is just misunderstanding and misconstruing what he’s saying. As for his standoffishness about the keyboard and mouse being better, i’ll say that i “give a fuck” if you prefer to play on a controller over a mouse if you think it’s universally the best way to play a game. Because it’s simply wrong, as that it depends heavily on the genre being played.

If he prefers or says playing an RTS game on a controller is better, then he’s out to lunch. I’ve tried to play Red Alert 3 on my PS3 and honestly it was as infuriating an experience as i’ve ever had with a controller. FPS games were born on the PC, the Keyboard and Mouse controls are their founding (and yes) best controller option, when Goldeneye popularised the FPS on consoles it forever straddled them with slow, unresponsive, clunky controls. I myself honestly don’t understand why anyone would say DOOM is better with a controller, as the keyboard/mouse allows for more precision, and more responsiveness.

Racing games, platforming games, 3D adventure games (like Arkham Asylum, Shadow of Mordor etc), and fighting games are all best played with a controller. I’ll choose the best one for the game, always have and always will.

Verdict: No. He’s free to play on his console, i get his reasons for liking it more. But if he’s deluded into thinking the controller is universally the best way to play video games with because of “the design of his hands” either he’s being stubborn or hasn’t played a video game that required a mouse and keyboard to get the best out of it (i can’t find any rts games on his channel).

And i’ll gladly bask in the truth of being among the PC master race, thank you very much.

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