Because i’m a man-child and can’t let things go, i took to wondering if i could make Big Shiny Tunes 6 a more listenable experience on par with BST 5. So i invested some time in mixing up the sequencing and even replacing some songs. I decided to give myself some ground rules however:

  • It had to have singles released in 2001 (preferably before BST 6 released on 11/13/01)
  • I couldn’t delete more than half the songs otherwise it would not be BST 6 (work with what i had)
  • Any Songs i did delete would have to come from the same artist
  • It had to have no less than 17 tracks as that was the minimum for previous releases

The results are quite interesting actually, here is what i came up with (* denotes a replacement):

  1. For The Moment* – Gob
  2. The Rock Show – Blink 182
  3. In Too Deep* – Sum 41
  4. When It’s Over – Sugar Ray
  5. Wasting My Time – Default
  6. Boiler* – Limp Bizkit
  7. Crawling* – Linkin Park
  8. Blurry* – Puddle of Mudd
  9. Right Behind You (Mafia)* – Our Lady Peace
  10. Days of the Week – Stone Temple Pilots
  11. Hash Pipe – Weezer
  12. South Side – Moby
  13. 19-2000* – Gorillaz
  14. Alone in the Universe – David Usher
  15. Breakdown – Tantric
  16. I Love Myself Today – Bif Naked
  17. Walking Wounded – The Tea Party

Out of the original 18 tracks, 9 didn’t make the cut with 7 being replaced with other singles from the bands that year, and two (3 Doors Down and American Hi-Fi) getting removed altogether. The reasons for people who are interested follow below.



While the gloominess of Big Shiny Tunes 6 wasn’t necessarily a bad thing the songs and sequencing were just weak and uneven. The original BST 6 started off on really shaky ground with the opening Nu Metal aggressiveness of Linkin Park’s One Step Closer leading straight into three shiny Pop Punk tracks, and it was the first thing i dealt with. My solution was to get One Step Closer out of there and front load the album with the high energy songs thus keeping the album as true to what i assume was original sequencer’s intent (a good opening).

I thought of moving Flavor of the Week up from track four to one, but it’s as forgettable as the band who made so i broke my own rules grabbed Gob’s For The Moment. With its echoy guitar lines leading us in slowly just like One Step Closer‘s opening did, i find it to be the best opener i could think of. Blink 182’s The Rock Show keeps the energy high before moving into Sum 41’s In Too Deep. I had mentioned that Fat Lip was tired out at that point (then in 2001 and now) and its replacement in the track list really freshens up the atmosphere while complimenting (and not competing against) The Rock Show‘s high energy (though it would make its proper appearance on Big Shiny Tunes 7).

I decided to keep the summer time vibe of the two preceding songs going by moving Sugar Ray’s When it’s Over from its original track 10 placement to track 4; and wow it really makes a difference. I found the song tired and played out in its previous placement, now its breezy atmosphere makes the fun times opening of BST 6 complete. Wasting My Time‘s slow start comes as natural follow up and sobers up the mood of the track list before the gloomy middle section starts up with Limp Bizkit’s Boiler.

I admittedly had to cheat in adding Boiler as the single was released a week after Big Shiny Tunes 6 dropped. But it had to be done; My Way is awful as it sucked back then and it sucks now. My Generation and Rollin were possible replacements but thankfully they released too early (2000 for both). Boiler is barely a step up (Durst is in full chipmunk mode here), but i think it’s the best choice as it’s not as obnoxious as their other singles from their 3rd album (recalling Re-Arranged). I chose Linkin Park’s Crawling to replace One Step Closer, and moved it down to track 7 to keep the
gloomy midsection intact and do so in a more palpable way.

I couldn’t flush Puddle of Mudd’s turgid Control quicker, and it was a no brainer to replace it with the much better and much more successful single Blurry. In an effort to break up the uneven tail end of BST 6 i figured i would move up Our Lady Peace’s entry to aid in lifting the mood of the album. Life did the trick but Life is just a boring song, i thought of replacing it with the superb In Repair however it released in 2000 and wasn’t eligible to be included here. While doing a bit of digging i found that i forgot (and so did the rest of the world, it’s not even on their greatest hits!) they released the excellent single Right Behind You (Mafia) and its placement at track 9 eases us into a lighter atmosphere much more smoothly than the sudden bright power chords of Days of the Week could.

The tail end of BST 6 i left mostly intact with only minor mixing up required to smooth out the flow of the tracks. I swapped Hashpipe behind Days of the Week, and i moved Moby’s South Side up from track 13 to settle down the energy before moving into the home stretch. I ditched Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood to keep the album’s energy up as the song’s slow pace really threw a wrench into the original track list, so i swapped it out with their much more quirky 19-2000 that doesn’t drag the album down into a pit.

I didn’t even bother with 3 Doors Down’s Be Like That as David User’s Alone in the Universe restores the rock sound of the album with its subtle intro, and isn’t as wimpy a song. I bit the bullet and kept Tantric’s Breakdown as the Big Shiny Tunes series always had some obscure artist they shoved down towards the end of the album, and i couldn’t figure out a suitable replacement from that year. Project Wyze’s Room to Breath released sometime in 2001 but i can’t voluntarily subject myself or anyone else to that song, thus Breakdown remained in place.

Thankfully i still had Bif Naked’s awesome I Love Myself Today in the cards, and i placed it strategically to wash away the banality of Breakdown. It gives the album one last surge before The Tea Party’s Walking Wounded closes the album in their perfectly gloomy and grandiose way.



Ultimately half the album had to go before Big Shiny Tunes 6 can actually shine like its name implies. I’m quite happy with the result, I think it keeps the original albums soberness but now i find it competes favorably with Big Shiny Tunes 5 with its better flow and notably better songs. Also in the process of doing this i got the added benefit of rediscovering some old gems (Right Behind You notably), and i hope it does the same for anyone who cares to compile it up for themselves.


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