This is awesome in every way imaginable


I guess this is going to be a review of sorts, there’s no rating as i don’t feel comfortable enough in my ability to dissect game mechanics enough for a rating to be a fair statement of quality. I’ve also at this moment in time not finished the game, but i simply can’t hold myself back about writing on this and i feel that i’ve finished enough of it that the rest of the game won’t change my opinion so keep that in mind.

When i did my looking ahead at 2016 movies post back in January i really did get a knot in my stomach that this year’s summer blockbuster season just wasn’t going to be an exciting one for me.

I’ve only watched 3 movies in theaters this year; one was incredible, one was an abomination, and the other was just… meh. So, with that in mind i’ve had to look for my summer jollies elsewhere and let me tell you i looked in the right place.

When i bought this game i will admit that i lost faith in the modern FPS genre; Brutal Doom reignited my faith in the genre but what about the AAA offerings? Can a big budget game break free of the homogeneity of the current FPS genre and once again deliver a satisfying experience for me? Can it answer the most crucial question?






DOOM‘s single player campaign is awesome.It’s essentially everything i’m looking for in an FPS: It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s brutally violent, and incredibly fun.

I’m shocked that every shoot out i went through had me tense up, my toes curl, i hold my breath, i laugh, i cackle, i grimace, and i love every moment of it. The developers found the perfect mix of making me feel completely vulnerable and completely invincible, they do this by surrounding the player with a seemingly unending horde of screeching demons that can only be defeated by going straight at them.

As a result the game rewards aggression, as every enemy killed increases the possibility of picking up health and ammo. This isn’t a game for people who have a survival sense, running away or staying still will result in a quick and violent death and that sits just fine with me. Its gleefully fun to run up to some random demon and feed them both barrels of a shotgun and get health in return, and to that end the game provides an incredibly satisfying Glory Kill mechanic and an even more satisfying chainsaw to dispense with the various denizens of Hell the game throws at you.

I’m glad that DOOM‘s combat isn’t comparable to the delicate strokes of Iaido; its more like beating a demon to a bloody pulp with a toilet lid while screaming “BALANCE THE FUCKING BUDGET!” I thank the developers for that, it’s improvisational and endlessly fun.

The story is secondary to the shooting (as it should be), but it is engaging and filled with enough dark humour and questions to have me wanting to know what happens next and to spend some time reading the various codex entries on personnel, demons, and weapons.

I could also talk about its great level design, fantastic atmosphere and tone, or its multiplayer that has relieved mixed response, but honestly all that is either invisible to me or i just plain old don’t care. Just throw in some awesome, awesome tunes along with the glorious weapons and i’m down for the ride.





Sadly i must confess my faith is shaken a bit with one limitation: The Chainsaw…

The Chainsaw’s use is severely limited, it’s less a weapon and more of a get out of jail free card. As it can take down the mighty Baron of Hell in one hit thus refilling most of your ammo, but it runs on limited fuel. The fuel itself is not found in abundance and i usually find it before or after a large shoot out (as opposed to lying around in the arena), so i will admit i was completely let down to find this out. Its for the best i suppose…

After all you can’t have maniacs like me running around with nothing but a chainsaw and having too much fun otherwise more than my neighbors would have to hear me laughing like this whenever i think about playing it:




Here watch this trailer. Loud. Louder than you’d think you should:


That trailer is true. How rare a thing it is that the finished product is as glorious as what was advertised. I’ll admit my expectations were extremely high, after all when criticism of the games violence came after its unveiling at E3 2015 i figured the game was doing things right*.


Bottom line is: buy it, you will have fun.

*As and aside though, what decade were the people living in who were complaining about DOOM‘s level of violence??? Are we really all that shocked about how graphic games can be in a post Mortal Kombat, Manhunt, GTA 3, Soldier of Fortune, God of War, and the original DOOM world? I was baffled that such criticism came out at all, and that it was even addressed by the developers.


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