Captain America: Civil War



Gonna put up a regular old review here, been a little while since i’ve done so.



The mighty Avengers are fracturing, explosions ensue.



Nothing really sticks out as being overly good in Civil War. I mean, its not bad if we’re comparing it to Batman V Superman (but it doesn’t take a lot to be better than that abomination). It’s just meh.

Everything about it is meh to me.

Captain America fights Iron man, meh.

Spiderman is in this movie, meh.

The sidekicks Avengers get their own movie, meh.

Etc, etc, etc

I can’t really put my finger on the issue, it could be because i’m burnt out. I was so enthusiastic for the series to continue after Thanos turned around at the end of The Avengers, but a black hole couldn’t have sucked that away from me faster than when Ultron was declared the big bad of phase two.



On the flip side i can talk about what i didn’t like much easier, so there’s always a bright side to everything.

The most immediate issue i can think of is Spiderman; and good lord is he irritating. There’s this trend that i see in super hero movies, and that is an expectation that i’m supposed to be incredibly excited whenever one just pops onto the screen and says something. I’m supposed to eat whatever the producers of this movie give me with unbridled and unearned enthusiasm because they’re apparently giving me what i want.

Well, i hate to break it to them but i’ve seen Spiderman movies. Three of them in fact, and they come with the benefit of him not being as annoying as a fly buzzing around your face and ears. His participation in the set piece throw down is akin to throwing the biggest pipe wrench possible into the film, as the action, motion, and pacing are stopped dead in their tracks to give him stupid little asides for himself. All it makes me want to do is stay far away from Marvel’s upcoming Spiderman movie, as sitting through a couple of hours of his blissfully earnestness would make me want to gouge my eyes out with whatever i had at hand.

As for the others, Black Panther is boring. Just plain old boring, there’s no worth while hook to his abilities that would make me want to watch another movie with him in it (he has strength, and agility, and some sort of special equipment, just like Captain America, just like The Winter Soldier, just like Thor, etc etc etc), and there’s nothing interesting in the character i care to explore.

Lastly most of the action is shot terribly! It’s the same shaky cam split frame editing garbage that i thought the industry moved past, its so bad at times it gave me a headache. Enough said.



Anyone reading the above would guess that i really didn’t like this movie, and while they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong they wouldn’t be right either.

I didn’t come out of the movie feeling ripped off, everything promised in the build up to Civil War was delivered on. Its just that i don’t get anything out of these movies anymore, this was the first part in the build up to the showdown that i’ve been waiting to see since 2012 and it has landed with a resounding thud.

Bottom line is this movie is head and shoulders better than the last superhero throwdown, and if you aren’t sick or otherwise bored of the genre yet then Captain America: Civil War delivers. But for me personally, it’s getting harder and harder to care about the marvel movies and frankly that’s sitting just fine with me.


2.5 stars



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