Guilty Pleasures


nope, not even i sink that low


Come on guys, we all have em. Those guilty pleasures that we are so ashamed of loving that we vehemently deny even knowing they exist much less liking. While they aren’t solely contained to music, it’s arguably the easiest thing for people to love but quickly broom under the carpet by simply not letting anyone but you peruse your musical play lists.

Well, i’m through hiding and being a closet lover of these songs. I’m coming out so to speak. So without further ado in no particular order here are some of my Guilty Filthy Pleasures:


CHRIS MADIN: FREE (Sonic Free Riders)

Good lord! i bet your ears are bleeding already and we’re only started!!!!!
This is a very recent addition to the list, and yes by all means the song should be tarred and feathered along with (admittedly) all of the songs with lyrics from the Sonic franchise. But God Damn does this just tickle that bubble gum part of my brain that wants me to be character in some anime intro that has me flying through the air, on top of a large metal sphere, in the clearest of blue skies, grimacing while my Neo jacket and flowing hair billow in the wind.

And you bet your ass i sing along to the lyrics.

I’m sure by now (if you’ve made it this far) that you might have guessed i have a penchant for over produced, flamboyant, wretched, garbage.

You’re completely right by the way. The mix in this song is so deep, and everything is played for a pay off that it’s a wonder the song doesn’t just collapse under the weight of it all. But it doesn’t.




God, it just doesn’t end does it?

Not only is this song sung by Scott Stapp whose horrible Chris Cornell/Eddie Vedder impression is done with so much earnestness that it should make me want to vomit. But it doesn’t… When those first power chords, chorus, and accompanying bridge comes blasting in it never ceases to make me want to sing along as loud as i can, and yes this is is best done striking this pose

it’s missing the appropriate amount of rain though


In all honesty though the lyrics are pretty heartfelt, too bad it was written by the likes of Scott Stapp.



This inclusion does come with some caveats, my love for the song only goes so far as the first 45 seconds of that video, and the first 26 seconds of the actual song. I think Ryan Schreiber of Pitchfork Media put it best:

“… Nothing could penetrate a sound that dense. I was overcome… I sat rapt by the simple barbarity of that sound…”

Indeed, for some reason those first precious seconds activate all of my inert, violent, and simian emotions. I just wanna smash things, i want to shake my head violently, and i most certainty want to smash things with my violently shaking head. God Damn.

The rest of the song is unfortunately left floundering in the wake of such savagery and it sadly never reaches the same peaks.


4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. TBoneZ

    Lol – sonic themes have been awesome for as long as they’ve been made. My guilties from that series are 3D Blast’s ‘Hero’, the whole Sonic R soundtrack and on a less guilty note, the whole OST for Colours.

    But speaking of really guilty, I listed to Scooter in High School and this followed suit. It breaks all of the rules of music and music videos. And I still love it.

    • Mr. Fuffcans

      sonic games do indeed have some bumping music, but honestly most of them fall apart the moment the lyrics start up (“it doesn’t Matter” and “live and learn” being my most chief examples), and that video was certainly… colourful

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