contrarian view points and effective rebuttals


the poster for the “The Force Awakens” is fucking ugly, this is better


I’m of the belief that just about anything other than math* is going to be a matter of opinion, this is especially so when it comes to art and its appreciation. Again, there’s no such thing as an “Objective” opinion. None. Zip. Zero. You can use objective facts to form an opinion around them, but in the end almost anything is arguable.

I’m with totalbiscuit when he states that what people want when they say “objective review” is that they want the reviewer to step outside of themselves, to aim to be not completely insular so that it is a useful tool in a purchase or something similar. My initial reaction was to reject that in my reviews, but now i believe that you have to step outside yourself a little in order to think critically.

Which brings us to the subject of this editorial; while cruising my facebook feed i found an interesting article posted by a number of my friends. It is a facebook user’s rebuttal of huffington post’s article the links are as follows:

I had no idea that the Huffpost article existed for starters, as i don’t google for Star Wars news, and i was really tempted to not click on Granger’s article as as i have no desire to read another glowing review about a film that while at least watchable wasn’t my cup of tea. But i was curious and found that it wasn’t a review, but a rebuttal of an article.

Despite my reservations about the movie in question (Granger says that Kylo Ren is interesting but i beg to differ) i have to agree with him in saying that the Huffpost article is one of the most sloppiest pieces of “journalism” i’ve ever seen. Indeed it was written by someone who was purposefully looking for something to find wrong about the movie, as it so willfully and proudly ignores many of the hints provided for these plot holes in the movie itself.

It was inevitable that this sort of contrarian garbage would come out against the movie, as people like feeling special and the easiest laziest way to do that is to shit all over something that lots of people like. Believe me when i say i wanted The Force Awakens to be a bad movie, as i was and still am sick to death of the fandom and the near mania that the mention of Star Wars does to people.

But it isn’t a bad movie, even when i discard all sense of “objectivity” and look completely insular and appeal to my darkest most violent thoughts about the series i couldn’t deny that i had fun, i was tempted to rate it a ** 1/2 instead of the *** that it got but again that would be lying to myself and i’m not going to do that. I’m not going to be contrarian to present the illusion that i have critical thinking skills like the writer of that Huffpost article does, nor will i ever read anything written by him as his list is a mendacity designed to appeal to people who didn’t like the movie and are too lazy to figure out what they didn’t like about it themselves.

I only watched the movie once and even before i read Granger’s rebuttal i could smell the bullshit myself on many of Seth Abramson’s “plot holes”, and you know that it’s bad when someone who was actively looking to dislike the movie disagrees with you.

In my opinion in this day and age of instant gratification where gigabytes of information can be accessed on a whim, it seems most people when they say they want an “objective opinion“, is actually just a way for them to demand that they want a ready made opinion that fits with theirs. Instead of spending the time to develop their own critical thinking skills, and naturally as a result develop their own opinion about a movie, song, or whatever they seemingly want someone to tell them something that they can agree with**.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say that whatever you might read on this site comes from an honest place. I’m never going to be a contrarian in a desperate attempt to get clicks, i have no desire to aid and abate people who don’t want to think for themselves. If i don’t like a movie or a piece of media i will list the reason why, and it will have an effect on the review at hand. It might be something so completely subjective and insular that i don’t expect anyone to understand who isn’t me (like matt damon’s face, or ben affleck’s everything) but i will always list it. I will admit that some of my reviews have been completely insular, i don’t apologise for them though if you don’t agree with what i’ve written and what i’m going to write that’s great! That’s where discussion comes from, dialog, appreciation about how differing viewpoints can help me and you see something in a light that we couldn’t have thought of before because we can’t live in one anothers shoes.



I wrote an article about why i like the prequels, before i started to write my reviews on them in an attempt to be honest to the people reading why i score A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back lower than The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith respectively. Here it is, and now you know:

My “Star Wars” Experience


*but then again it depends on the scale your doing the math at…

**people don’t need to write or otherwise make reviews in order to develop these skills, they just need to spend the time and think about what they are watching instead of just focusing on their feelings.


2 thoughts on “contrarian view points and effective rebuttals

  1. Pot, meet kettle

    “… The Huffpost article is one of the most sloppiest pieces of ‘journalism’ i’ve ever seen.”

    “Most sloppiest?”


    • Mr. Fuffcans

      i make many spelling and punctuation errors, and i also make errors in my use of diction i have stated and apologised for any confusion this might cause in other posts.

      however i don’t see the problem with the use of “i’ve” it is a contraction of the words “i have”, i’ve used it before and will continue to do so.

      thank you for reading and commenting always appreciate feed back.


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