Out of the 689 movies released to box office this year, i only watched 7. These being:

The Force Awakens
Black Mass
Jurassic World
Age of Ultron

I have determined that is still enough to make a year end awards list out of however. I do apologise as i haven’t reviewed some of them, but that’s just something you’re going to have to deal with.

Off we go!




Expectations can ruin anything. But Creed was a film that was a movie that just about filled all of my expectations. Filled with solid acting, directing, and most importantly writing it lives up to the legacy of the best of the Rocky films. While i thought it could’ve done more to step out of Rocky’s shoes it takes enough strides to become one of the more interesting new franchises for me to pay attention to.

It’s still in theaters here and there have a look before it does its worth it to see on a big screen.


Runner Up


As i stated above, expectations can ruin everything. I had been looking forward to this film since i heard news about it more than half a decade ago, and when i got the news that they were finally going to release the thing after they were finished shooting it in 2012 they only went up. Then that comic con teaser trailer came out and those pesky expectations went up some more (by some i mean sky rocketed). Then the actual trailer came out and they were deflated by its bizarre tone.

To make a long story short, the movie assaulted me with two hours of noise and violence that while not bad was, well… An assault. My impressions have improved having watched it again while it was still in theaters and not in 3D (which helped tremendously) but it’s the first viewing that counts the most.




There are definite strengths that come with the serialization of a narrative. Reboot being one of the better examples that i can think of. But there are some serious issues that come along with it as well. Most notably is how some episodes can turn out to be just stepping stones to something bigger, and taken by themselves are rather unsubstantial.

Case in point with Age of Ultron. The first Avenger’s movie felt like a pay off to 5 films that had taken 3 years to release, and it succeeded in being exactly what everyone hoped it would. But it’s sequel has a serious case of middle movie syndrome. It’s not treated as a payoff, it sports one of the dullest villains in the marvel cinematic universe, and it contains some of Whedon’s weakest writing that i’ve seen.

It’s just more set up, to 3 more years of movies… Yay.



Check out this teaser:



Ya, basically that reads as a list of things that make me want to see a movie: Fassbender? Yup. Cotillard? Yup. Shakespeare? Yup. A dark gritty version of Macbeth? Yup. A single tear rolling down the face of the lead? Yup. Did a movie this awesome looking release here? Nope.

Fuck Star Wars this was the movie i was waiting for in December, but alas it never happened and that is the biggest tragedy of the year. Oh well, at least it will come out on Bluray soon.



remember me?


I swear i saw that mind blowingly wretched trailer for this movie back in ’13. But it kept getting shoved back and back and back (ya no shit, did you watch it? lick the link you’ll thank me) until they dumped it wide in February where all things go to die. It’s a moral tale really; the studio sure as shit didn’t expect much of it, and when it released and unsurprisingly bombed like the god damned Hindenburg (it only made 17 million to a budget of almost 100…) no one gave a shit.




Hey did you hear? Razer didn’t take my advice and purchased Ouya in July. Did anyone care? Nope. Man moving on with life was never this easy.




The three big scores in contention for this award were Creed, Fury Road, and Star Wars. I barely remember the score to The Force Awakens even though i bought the CD, so that ruined its chances.

Lots of my friends raved about the music to Fury Road, but i honestly couldn’t remember one bit of it as it was drowned out by the explosions and screaming. What tracks i did hear played, i had already heard years ago as Trent Reznor’s Driver Down from Lost Highway. I was blasting that until my ears were ringing on midnight drives to Edmonton and back years before Fury Road dropped.

So, in the end that leaves the music for “Creed”. Which subsequently has been on my music rotation for a solid week now. Best Track is right below:





I love teasers, often they are better than the actual trailer as i am of the belief less is more when it comes to building hype. Out of the many great ones released this year the two most memorable are the ones for Black Mass and Fury Road.

In the end the teaser for Black Mass wins out for being truer to the tone of the actual movie, and making Johnny Depp a terrifying presence to say the least.




Its a late entry in the year but never too late to be dead last in my book.



I was tempted to see this film, until i saw the poster for it:





Well That about wraps up 2015, thank you to all those who read my blog last year and in the coming one. I genuinely appreciate it, i’m going to try and get updates on here less sporadically in the coming year.


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