this little bit of news unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the situation) had the misfortune of being buried under that other movie with star in the title.


Wow. What can i say really? After watching it, i can only say that had all of the appeal of the resounding thud of a particularly heavy set man falling off a roof.

I want to say that i’m not surprised, but i am. This. This is what they have in mind for the 50th anniversary of the series? This looks like any other forgettable summer action picture. It’s hard to give this new Star Trek movie the benefit of the doubt, i mean its just a trailer but it just does everything wrong in getting me excited to watch it again.

i’ve stated in my Into Darkness review that it had been the make or break movie for me and the new series. It thankfully did do just enough to keep my attention, and get me curious about the next installment. Star Trek Beyond is in the same situation, and things unfortunately don’t look too promising.

Who knows though? The trailer might be like the one for The Fountain or The New World (especially the latter, good lord those poor souls who didn’t know Terrence Malick directed it) that they are designed their respective movies look like Braveheart to sucker in those who don’t know better.

Ya… here’s to hoping at least


2 thoughts on “STAR TREK BEYOND…

  1. I agree. I can’t say I’m holding my breath but based on the trailer I don’t see any remnants of Gene Roddenberry in any of it. Maybe that’s because I’ve always seen Star Trek as pushing our social boundaries…this is more about the cheap one liners and the space ships themselves. Oh I hope the trailer isn’t representative to the film on a fundamental basis.

    • Mr. Fuffcans

      star trek at its best has indeed been more about interesting ideas, this trailer makes it out be nothing more than laser beams and light speed.

      i hope that it is ok, at the very least i have a feeling it will be as enjoyable as “Into Darkness” and “Star Trek 2009” were.

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