unlikely places…


Its strange where you can find hidden gold. i was playing Supreme Commander 2 and i noticed something: I was sitting on the edge of my seat, and constantly in a state of nervous anticipation, while the game itself supplies that i think what got to me the most was the awesome music that Howard Mostrom made for this game.

I mean get a load of this:



i mean listen to that! Its as good as anything Hans Zimmer has put out, and considering the treble region is used i will argue its better. It’s no fluke either, check this one out:



Great use of percussion and that big bass hit just when it needs it at 30 seconds to be over taken by a very strong forboding brass section makes me frankly shocked that this comes from a middle budget video game, and not your latest action flick from Hollywood. With music like this blaring from my speakers and at the same time defending from the latest onslaught of hoards of giant robots it’s no wonder i’m always on edge playing this game.

One more? Sure.





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