I have been wanting to do a retrospective on a couple of tv series’ that i have in my collection ReBoot being obviously one of them, while the next is Dragon Ball Z. I couldn’t quite get a format nailed down however, i wondered if i should review each episode (ya, not going to happen), or highlights, or something else. I have settled on the format of giving an over all introduction and summary of the series along with my personal experiences, and then going over to the seasons and pointing out my picks for highlights.

So let’s get started!


I was recently asked what i thought was the best TV series ever made, and with no hesitation and almost no thinking i immediately said: ReBoot. You can go ahead and laugh, scoff, and mock me after all picking a 90’s children’s animated series* over the likes of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Matlock, or Esmeralda arguably doesn’t know what they’re talking about. But i gotta be honest with myself as no other TV show left as large an impression on me; The Simpsons and Sam and Max were close, but i grew out of watching the former and the latter was only on for such a short time it quickly grew irrelevant as i grew older.

ReBoot’s original run between 1994 to 2001 encompassed a huge chunk of my developmental years and just like how video games grew up with me, the show grew up as i did as well. It went from light hearted episodic fare where the Megabyte could play a concert at Enzo’s birthday, to a serialised narrative spanning multiple seasons where war, death, and loss were very real things. Having grown up and witnessed its complete story i found that i could recall individual moments or summarise the entire series long after it had completed airing, which is something i still can’t really do with DBZ or Beasties even though i spent just as much or longer time watching those shows than i had with ReBoot.

To this day i still wonder if a little world exists on my computer, and if so i have murdered tens of thousands of binomes and sprites with my Total War sessions alone (and i prefer not to think about my Brutal Doom sessions in that way either…). It also certainly had an effect on my preferred characterisation of villains, Megabyte is my pick for the quintessential bad guy. His deep voice and mannerisms make him charismatic and sophisticated, while his strength and sadistic nature make him a brutal adversary for the heroes of the series. The show also certainly had an influence on my sense of humour and interests growing up as well.

I could go on about it but i figure its best to get straight to business with Season One!


*to the shows credit though it is the first full half hour length 3d animated television series produced and its scale alone (some shots had the entire city of mainframe rendered for them) makes it worthy of being more than just a foot note in television and cinematic history.


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