On Fury Road and Feminism



With the recent out bursts by MRA’s at how they were somehow tricked into seeing strong female characters in Fury Road and are throwing a temper tantrum about it. I figured i might address, some of the things i glossed over in my review of Fury Road.



I’ve seen reviews on Fury Road that specifically praise the strong woman in the film. They also bring up that considering the wives wrote WE ARE NOT THINGS on the wall of their cell, and how the story is mostly about Furiosa helping the wives escape sexual slavery is a suitable allegory to the patriarchy present in society. I was tempted on bringing up these points in my review as they do enhance the film’s impact, and give the film more layers to uncover when actually studied (that is what criticism is all about after all), but i chose not to. I chose not to, not because i don’t agree with it. It is in fact because i do agree with it.

I didn’t mention it because strong female characters shooting psychos and otherwise kicking ass and taking names has zero impact on me as a viewer, it’s as shocking and revelatory to me as watching male characters kicking ass and taking names. I’ve seen the warrior woman trope about a hundred times it’s nothing new to me.To further clarify, it would be like arguing to me that the Earth is round or that evolution is how life on this planet got to where it is now. Its not preaching to the choir to say that a women can do anything a man can do it’s more like preaching to the Papacy.

What is important to mention is that Charlize Theron gave a great performance. In fact she is perfectly cast as the tough no nonsense Furiosa. I would have a problems watching actresses like Melissa McCarthy or Liv Tyler in the same role, as they wouldn’t be able to pull it off convincingly enough for me in the same way Asa Butterfield or Jim Carrey couldn’t convincingly pull off the role of Max.

What i also didn’t say (and should have) is that i also appreciate how Furiosa isn’t overly motherly, as when one of the girls may or may not have been killed and she doesn’t freak out and turn the truck around to see for herself (she takes Max’s word for it and moves on). That’s a welcome relief, as it makes her different than Ellen Riple, and creates an identity all to her own.



WTF are they even talking about? This article brings up “American Culture” in a movie written/directed by an Australian. They say Fury Road is not a “Guy Movie” when the film delivers on being about 90% explosions, violence, and loud cars. Is a “Guy Movie” supposed to be at the exclusion of women? The Road Warrior and Beyond the Thunderdome had strong female characters, so why is it an issue here?

Okay lets examine their argument and talk about traditional heroic male values in Fury Road, values like selflessness. Max saves Furiosa by risking his life, not giving up on her, and giving her his blood, so i guess they ignored that one. How about being able to handle yourself? Like when Max doesn’t ever give up on being able to escape the situation he’s in and through perseverance gets free, so i guess that one was ignored as well. Lets get down to Chad level and stress being good at fighting, like when Max gets the upper hand on Furiosa and all the other people he kills in the movie.

How about the most important thing to these scared little babies, the one thing that men gotta take back from the filthy feminists in order to be safe, secured, and coddled in our dominance, the one thing that separates the men from the boys and the women: being the Alpha Male. I guess when Max, puts aside his pride and takes the leadership role of levelling with the group with absolute confidence and certainty that salvation lies in surmounting the dangers behind them instead of running away, and when he is proved right and leaves to be on his own like the lone wolf he is, instead of staying and enjoying the easy times ahead, he was just being a cuckolded beta male wimp. Ya… I guess they didn’t see that part of the movie either, in fact i’m going to guess the writer of that article went to the shittier alternate version of the movie where none of that happened.

This reminds me of how The Whale Rider can be dismissed as feminist propaganda if that’s the only way you want to see it, doing so however side steps what it’s actually talking about. Sure you can say Fury Road is about girl power, but that again side steps that the movie shows when the going gets rough putting aside our differences and working together is what’s going to save us. Your great grandpa didn’t win WWII all by his lonesome self, men and women all contributed.

Outbursts from MRA’s like we have with Fury Road or a group of them attempting to heckle at Calgary Comic Expo 2015,* continue to show that the whole movement is a complete fucking joke. Acting outraged and playing the victim at having to watch Theron and little old ladies kick ass, or trying to disrupt a panel is not social activism. It’s whining. It’s whining from a group of man children who do indeed need to have their toys taken away, as they are clearly spoiled and unappreciative.

It’s this type of shit that works against the whole movement, hell i might label myself as an MRA if it weren’t for all the whining, bitching, moaning, and genuine heart felt misogyny that has stained and ruined the credibility of it all. As i will not ever forget nor downplay the gender issues and yes, inequalities that affect men. If you want to see what proper MRA dialogue looks like read this article.

That was written by a woman btw, and it speaks volumes about the whole MRA movement if i would rather read a woman writings then listen to men bitch. But who am i kidding, all this falls on deaf ears.



after a bit of digging i found a review that might just ease the hearts of these groups of idiots. i don’t agree with everything said in it, and i certainly don’t agree with the stance of the website itself but it brings to light some very interesting hypocrisies prevalent in Fury Road, that the mainstream media and i myself missed while discussing the feminist points of this film.

i’m not linking it as it’s on a white supremacist site and if i, a lowly misinformed omega male found it they’ll be proud to do their own leg work because they’re the Alpha’s after all and love the hunt.


UPDATE (28/08/16)


I thought i might clear up a few things about this article, as this one continues to be viewed often enough (my traffic is nothing special btw, even one view a day is a milestone…) that it is clearly still something that people look up and want to read about.

I pride myself with being able to change opinions based on new information, objective facts and rational arguments. Obviously the rant posted on Return of Kings isn’t rational as i believe i thoroughly deconstruct it above, but i want to clear up my position on Feminism and MRA’s.

If the definition for feminism is the one that is brought up by google when asking for a definition: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” then yes i have and can consider myself a feminist (i’ve stated it in person and online). But honestly i don’t like to associate myself with the label of Feminism anymore, and this is because just like whiny men post garbage about being insecure about a woman is shouting orders at men, Feminists post and do more than their fair share of vile and contemptible things.

I will state it here for the record that if i am to label myself as something i will call myself an egalitarian from here on out. This applies to gender and racist issues, if i see bullshit happening regardless of whatever ideology is motivating it or whatever the people or group saying it might say they stand for; i will not stand for it, you will not have my support.

I’m not going to remove this post (and i have removed posts before) even though it might give some readers the wrong impression (that’s my fault btw) about my beliefs. As overall this post is a reaction against the whining (and that’s what it was) about a strong female character. However i thought i might get some things off my chest and clear up my intentions.

I’m not posting a link to the white supremacist review of Fury Road however i will post up Sargon of Akkad video going through and refuting the narrative that i myself helped perpetuate about MRAs, and as a side note i am ashamed to think that i said similar things as that angryaussie guy. So to any MRA who doesn’t subscribe to poisonous beliefs, just like many feminists do you have my apology for my condescension and ignorance.

Anywho here is the video:







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