Final Thoughts, on Star Wars


This isn’t a review, i can’t even really say its an essay or anything academic, its more of a general feeling that i wanted to put out there now that i’ve said my 2 pennies about the series.

I’m done with Star Wars.

I have been alienated by the franchise and its fans completely at this point, and it has mostly to do with their pissing and moaning and out an out hatred levelled at George Lucas, then their celebration when he sold it to Disney. Without Lucas there would’ve been no Star Wars guys, millions of childhoods would apparently have been lifeless voids, devoid of happiness and imagination and hope if i were to take the collective fandom’s word for it.

What was Lucas’ sin here? He apparently had the absolute gall to release 3 movies that go from: Ok, to mediocre, to flawed. Oh, and he tinkered a bit with the sacred original trilogy, managing the impossible feat of re-writing both time and erase the cherished memories of millions of kids*. I don’t get that, and i simply refuse to jump on that band waggon because that’s what everyone else does. I like the prequels, and i even love one of them, and i’m sick of feeling like it is some sort of cardinal sin to do so. When i bought The Phantom Menace on dvd to complete my collection, i honestly felt like i was buying a piece of kiddie porn, i looked around to see if anyone was watching me then i held it onto my chest as i walked up to the counter to pay. After i had watched it again and found that it wasn’t an abomination before god and his army of vicious, spiteful fans i was angry at having felt that way.

In fact whenever Star Wars is mentioned i feel a growing annoyance at it. It’s popping up everywhere i look now a days, and that May the 4th thing is irritating at the very least. I mean, how did that even start to become a thing? Where was it ten years ago? Why the constant references about it now? My adverse feelings on it spurred me to finish my review of Revenge of the Sith, and i’m not sure i’m very happy with the way it turned out (was tempted not to even run a spell check on it). But i wanted it to get it out of the way so that whenever i saw another obnoxious ad featuring sexy storm troopers i wouldn’t be reminded of how it was still unfinished.

I don’t care about it anymore, i don’t care that Lucas sold it to Disney, i don’t care about how a new trilogy of movies is coming up, and that they have managed to unearth the dried out corpses of the original cast for cameos or even worse, for extended parts…

I’m going to try to stop referencing it in my reviews, as i have done so previously. As i had done so to try to be relatable to people who may have indeed counted it as an important part of their childhoods.

I’m just done, and i’m done writing about it.

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*Ya ya ya, i know, he also made it very hard for people to buy the movies in their original forms. To that i say big deal. Just because he did so does not in any way shape or form invalidate the memories of watching the original cuts of the films, if your argument is for preservation sakes take all of those VHS tapes and dump them on your computer if it’s that important to you. And before you even start i am completely aware of Lucas’ past campaigns to prevent the altering of certain classic films, but to that i say people change, they have a right to, and he had a right to do whatever he damn well wanted to do with those movies.

And come off with that crap about how he had somehow robbed future generations of that same wonder we all had as kids, as i stated on Return of the Jedi, kids will watch anything


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