On top of my recent re-skining of my site, i have also elected to start up a new blog, with a buddy of mine: Innocence Proves Nothing.

Its a proper 40K centric blog and i will be reviewing (and moving my old reviews) 40k novels and related material there, and will subsequently take my novel reviews off of this blog for a more proper home. I was a bit conflicted with the nature of this blog, as i really would like to keep this as my place to post of reviews on movies, when Dave expressed interest in starting up a blog to review the multitude of 40k material that he has i threw out the suggestion that we should do one together.

its still in its infantile state, with only my Ultramarines review up (At the time of this writing) however Dave will be posting up some content shortly, so if you have a peek be sure to check back every once in a while.

It isn’t a modelling or gamecentric (meaning rules or tactics) blog, it is however a place for the various fluff and other related media of 40K to be reviewed (novels, codexsese?, forge world books, limited editions etc.)

so come on over and have a peek!


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