awesome saucesss


in a bit of a break from the usual choir/orchestral crap that i usually post up in this topic i present:

Hector Lavoe

El Cantante

i honestly think if there is a hispanic person around that this doesn’t even in the slightest bit make them want to shake just a little or put a small smile on their face there is something deeply wrong with them. It’s just plain old hard-wired into every one of us.

getting to the song itself i would say it is a proper example of how art in any form benefits from passion and pain. Here we have a man singing about how his life is supposed to be a party all the time but it isn’t, he feels pain and when you read up on him a bit you can see that he did indeed have real troubles.

Did you stick around from about 4:25 to about 6:15? Ya… that’s almost 2 minutes of 100% pure distilled passion.

Rest in peace Mr. Lavoe.


Marc Anthony played Lavoe in a movie, and re-recorded a bunch of his songs for the sound track. i haven’t seen the movie (which from all that i’ve read isn’t very good anyway) but the music is decent at least. I won’t deny that Marc can sing, but he just isn’t Hector.

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