More Awesome


i will always strive to like something, really i will. i went into the first Transformers movie after seeing the trailer and was more than willing to give it a shot, but alas i just ended up wasting my time with a bad movie (at least i didn’t pay for it…)

so when i say that i have found something awesome in Karas: The Prophecy i am truly being sincere. i present for your enjoyment the opening credit music:


as i stated in my review the music in this film as provided by Yoshihiro Ike is absolutely fantastic, i mean just listen to it and try really really hard not to be thrilled, i’m positive you can’t succeed. Particulary around the 1:40 mark where the hero theme comes shining through the driving rythums of the strings.

I find the most remarkable thing about it all is the fact that it has a humable and memorable melody that is sadly missing from many a major score lately, just look at the work by Hans Zimmer and his proteges that are dominating film and tv scoring and you can see the meticulous melodies and thematic exploration of the scores by john williams and howard shore are quickly being replaced by abstract humming and hawing of bass string sections.

getting back to this piece of music in particular i must say the greatest tragedy of this all is that it is such a good opening that it really does give you false hope that you are about to watch a film that is worthy to boast such passionate music… just see for yourself

wasn’t that incredible? ya… the movie really doesn’t live up to that 😦


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