my phantom menace rebuttals


holy shit i haven’t been on here since january! that’s just the price you pay for skyrim i suppose ;X


anyways i deleted my phantom menace rebuttals except for the first part. Why, you may ask? was it because the incredible level of criticism on display was far to much for this lowly unread blogger to comprehend?


it’s because thinking about it, and reading it, it’s just far too angry to be taken seriously. It’s a poor first thing to put up on this blog and honestly some of the language is just hateful to a guy i’ve never met. So i take it down and honestly i apologise to the dude who made the videos in the first place. Although i will never ever stop contesting that 90% of what he says in the video is absolute rubbish.

i am in the midst of writing a proper review of the film (all of them) which is honestly what i want this blog to be mostly about anyway; reviews and occasionally divergences like music and such.



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